lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Facebook Comenius.

Hi to everybody!! We have good news.... we are already in Facebook!! You can join us just sending an invitation to María Zambrano Comenius, we will be waiting for you.

Hola a tod@s!! Tenemos buenas noticias.... ya estamos en Facebook!! Puedes unirte a nosotr@s enviándonos una invitación a María Zambrano Comenius, te estaremos esperando.

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Presentaciones 2012.

Hello! My name is Carmen and I'm 16. I'm doing the Comenius Project because I love meeting new people from other countries, and also like talking in English. I did my best to get in because I thought that it could be a really interesting opportunity to meet new friends and to have fun during a week. I think it will be an incredible week talking English and having fun that we will never forget.

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Presentaciones, comenius 2012.

"Hello, my name is Samuel and I´m sixteen years old. I study at Maria Zambrano and I decided to join to Comenius last year. I like practicing sports: I usually do spinning but my favourite sport is football, of course my football team is Barcelona. I hope to see all the students from different countries next year to have a great time."

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Grupo comenius 2012.

Hello my name is Lurdes, I am 16 years old. I love animals, especially dogs. I like going out with my friends and going to the parties, I like singing, dancing, etc ….I live in Torre del Mar, Spain .

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Presentaciones comenius 2012.

Hello, my name is Víctor González Moraleda, I am sixteen years old and I like hanging out with my friends and playing basketball. I joined to Comenius because I thought it would be an incredible experience and very funny. I have a dog named Colega. I go to a school called María Zambrano, in Torre del Mar.

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Staff meeting 2011 en Sabona.

(From 25th of September to 1st of October).
Comenius’ teachers from Savona have been the hostess this year. Teachers from: Spain, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, went to visit the place and work on the project for the next year,
They arrived in the City Hall and they were had dinner with the Bishop.
This is an interesting project to learn about other countries culture o and all work in a common European project.