lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Residential student rules.

Below are the main rules that all visitors to Haraldvangen, Hurdal must adhere to during their stay.
Before your visit you are required to read through the following form and sign to confirm that both student and parent/carer agree to abide by the rules and are aware of the consequences if the rules are broken.
1. No smoking or bringing cigarettes, lighters or matches into the centre.
2. No males in females rooms or vice versa.
3. No drinking or bringing alcohol or illegal substances into the hotel.
4. No anti-social behaviour eg. bullying, graffiti, theft, vandalism etc.
5. Breakages etc must be paid for by those liable.
6. No leaving the centre without the authority of organizers. No student is to be out of the centre after 8.00 pm without a teacher or other responsible adult.
7. All students must have their own insurance .
Please sign below to show that you have read and understand the rules and are aware of the consequences should they be broken.
Once completed please return to the trip coordinator (your teacher).

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009


Vollen skole 19.-23.mars, Haraldvangen 23.-26.mars
86 students and 16 teachers from 7 countries: England, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, TheCzech Republic, Spain and Norway.
Every day, the host families will provide breakfast, packed lunch (except Friday) and a hot meal (dinner) in the afternoon. Bed linen and towels will be provided by the host families. Of course you will also get a place to sleep.
Lunch will be served at Haraldvangen on Monday the 23rd.
Thursday 19th March:
19.00 - Welcoming evening. Light refreshments.
22.00 hrs- Guests picked up from Vollen skole.
Friday 20th March:
09.00- The guests meet at Vollen skole.
From Vollen we go to Asker Town Hall by bus. A guided tour of the town hall and meeting the mayor of Asker Municipal Council and lunch.
11.30- From Asker to Vollen by bus.
11.50 – 12.50- Visit classes at Vollen skole.
13.00 – 14.00- Entertainment by students at Vollen skole in Maudsalen (canteen).
14.30 – 15.30- A coastal walk to Vollen senter.
16.00- Host families pick up the guests at Volle skole.
17.00- Dinner with host families.
19.00 –22.00- Comenius evening in Vollen sportshall. Host families welcome!
Official opening of the conference.
Presentation of the different participating schools/ students.
Presentation ’Challenge Migration’ by Vollen skole Year 9 students.
Presentation and teaching of the dance.
Teaching a norwegian song.
Light refreshments: waffles, soda, coffee and tea.
Kl.22.00- The guests go home to their host families.
Staff meeting in Undelstadlia 14c.
Saturday 21st March:
09.00- Meet at Vollen school. Bring packed lunch and a drink.
Travel by bus to Oslo from Vollen skole.
09.30- Sightseeing in Oslo: The Opera building; then proceed on to.
10.30 – 11.30- Bygdøy – Kontiki (Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions) or The Viking ships.
12.00- Frognerparken (granite and brass sculptures; picnic) and then Karl Johans gt. (The main shopping street in Oslo).
14.45- Gr. 1: Nobel Peace Centre, guided tour. Gr. 2:Aker Brygge - Shopping .
15.45- Gr. 1: Aker Brygge - Shopping. Gr.2: Nobel Peace Centre, guided tour.
16.00- Drive back to Vollen.
17.00- Guests to be picked up by hos families at Vollen skole.
17.30- Dinner with the host families.
The teachers make their dinner in the school kitchen.
19.00- Comenius evening at Vollen skole (either get a lift with your host family or take the bus to the school).
Latino dance for all Comenius students and teachers.
Presentation by the Dutch group, dance/ game.
21.00- Host families pick up from Vollen skole.
Staff meeting at Vabråten 101 (Ingunn’s home).
Sunday 22st March:
09.00- Meet at Vollen skole.
Bring packed lunch and a drink.
Departure from Vollen skole to Oscarsborg (Castle in the Oslo fjord).
Guided tour.
16.00- Back to Vollen skole; pick up by host families.
17.00- Dinner with host families.
After dinner, each host family decides the agenda.
Teachers: Dinner at Karin’s home.
Monday 23rd March:
09.00- All meet at Vollen skole with all the possesions.
Depart Vollen skol for Haraldvangen, Hurdal.
WINTER PROGRAM * week 13 * 2009.
Vollen 5 groups.
Monday 23.03:
8:30- Breakfas.
10:15- 12.15-Welcome to Haraldvangen.
Information for all 12.00.
12:30- Lunch.
14:00-16:00- Activities:
Snowmscooter Group 1.
Cross Country Skiing Group 2
Horse sledge Group 3
Dog sledge Group 4Sledging Group 5.
18:00- Dinner.
Tuesday 24.03:
8:30- Breakfast.
10:15- 12.15- Activities:
Snowscooter Group 2
Cross Country Skiing Group 3
Horse sledge Group 4
Dog sledge Group 5Sledging Group 1.
12:30- Lunch.
14:00- 16:00: Activities:
Snowscooter Group 3
Cross Country Skiing Group 4
Horse sledge Group 5
Dog sledge Group 1
Sledging Group 2.
18:00- Dinner.
Wednesday 25.03:
8:30- Breakfast.
Snowmobile Group 4
Cross Country Skiing Group 5
Horse sledge Group 1
Dog sledge Group 2
Sledging Group 3
Snowscooter Group 5
Cross Country Skiing Group 1
Horse sledge Group 2
Dog sledge Group 3
Sledging Group 4.
18:00- Dinner.
Thursday 26.03:
8:30- Breakfast.

lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

Final reports.

1. From the general topics stated on intermediate reports, we have chosen for this year "Spain from migration to immigration", as a central axis of the group presentation. Students will make performance, showing the two ways of migration developed in Spain in the last century and represented in several periods.
2. Presentation of short movie and its background work, as well as the doubbing and subtitling process into different languages as a way of integration between different communities.
3. Reading of haikus based on Japanese traditions. These haikus have been created by students in Spanish and translated into English. The aim of these poems is to headline the positive cultural aspects of immigration. Students will also present haigas, elaborated by themselves.
4. A comparative study between Spain and Pakistan developed by one of our foreign students (we have students at our school from 24 different nationalities). This student will talk about food, mucic, dressing, languages and her personal experience in these two so distant countries.

1. De la generalidad de temas establecidos en nuestro informe intermedio, hemos elegido para este año "España: de la emigración a la inmigración" como eje central de la presentación del grupo. Los estudiantes harán una representación mostrando las dos vías migratorias desarrolladas en España durante el último siglo y representada en varios periodos.
2. Presentación de un corto y el trabajo que se desarrolla para llegar al producto final, así como el proceso de doblaje y subtitulación en diferentes idiomas como una forma de integración de diferentes comunidades.
3. Recital poético de haikus basados en la tradición japonesa. Estos haikus han sido creados por nuestros alumnos en us clases de lengua española y traducidos al inglés. El objetivo de estos poemas es resaltar los aspectos culturales positivos de la inmigración. Los estudiantes también presentarán haigas elaborados por ellos mismos.
4. Un estudio comparativo entre España y Pakistán realizado por una de nuestras alumnas extranjeras (tenemos en nuestro centro alumnos de 24 nacionalidades diferentes). Esta alumna hablará sobre comida, música, forma de vestir y comentará su experiencia personal en estos dos paises tan distantes el uno del otro.

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2009

Ensayo general.

El próximo dia 10 de marzo se realizará el ensayo general de los trabajos que se expondrán en la conferencia de Noruega.
El lugar será la biblioteca del I.E.S. María Zambrano a las 11:45.

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

Peter Kumwenda from Norway visited us on 18th February.

Peter Kumwenda and Manuel Pérez, Head of I.E.S. María Zambrano at “Castillo del Marqués”.

Peter visiting “Castillo del Marqués”, our hotel and restaurant vocational training school, with Antonio Garrido, Head of studies, and the students.

Peter with one of our English teachers and some students during a performance.

Some students of "hairdressing" vocational training, curling Peter's hair.

Peter and some colleagres having a beer and “tapas”, on Friday after school.