miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Comenius Staff meeting 2010.

Saturday, 25th "arrival": Vollen.
Sunday, sept 26th "arrival": Kepno/Wroclaw, Savona, Aurich, Torre del Mar.
Monday, 27 sept 27th "Prague": Breakfast. Opening of Staff meeting. Trip tp Prague tour of the city (guided tour). Departure. Arrival to guest house Rybnik. Dinner (All staff at GH rybniky). Staff meeting.
Tuesday, sept 28th "Urbanism and creativity": Breakfast. Trip to South Moravia (wine tour). Telc -UNESCO protected town, renaissance houses in the square (Sounth Bohemia). Slavonice -UNESCO protected town (Sounth Bohemia). Mariz -pottery workshop, painting of Comenius mugs, plates, etc. Departure for Mikulcice. Mikulcice (guest house)- Sounth Moravia. Dinner- guest houseor a restaurant in Mikulcice. Staff meeting- wine taste from the local wineyard.
Wednesday, sept 29th "Energy and wine": Breakfast (GH). Trip tp Lednice castle. Leadnice, castle tour, walk in the park. Departure for Cejkovice (biggest wine cellars in Moravia). Lunch in Cejkovice. Guided Tour of Celkovice wine cellars. Departure for Mikulcice GH. Dinner -GH or restaurant in nearby village. Wine taste -visit of Moravian wine cellar.
Thursday, sept 30th "Pribram-partner town": Breakfast (GH). Departure back to Pribram. Return to Rybniky GH. Departure from Rybniky to Primbram. Lunch at Gymnazium Pribram -dining hall. Welcome to GymPb- concert of the school orchestra, meeting with the headteacher and deputy teachers, students and other teachers. Coffe breacks and tour Gymnazium Pribram. Visit of ST. Hill- Baroque church and monastery (famous pilgrimage place). Walk into the town centre- Prague street. Dinner at "Bowing club" in Pribram. Departure from Pribram to Rybniky GH. Final staff meeting. GOOD -BYE PARTY -chatting, singing, dancing.
Friday, 1st october "Departure": Breakfast. Departure according to the timetable- Aurich minibus. Prague airport- Savona, Torre del Mar, Vollen. Accommodation in Prague -Kepno+Wroclaw.

martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Migración y poesia.

Producciones Comenius 1.: Trabajo realizado por el alumnado participante en el Proyecto Comenius 2008/2009.